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Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • know the deduction rules really well

  • know you were tracking the right things in your books

  • understand the classic audit triggers for artists

  • have a checklist every 10 weeks that would help you get your money in order and under control.

  • have your current system evaluated + get coaching on improving it

Imagine an artist/accountant who cared so much about you having the financial security to make brave work that she spent 3 years surveying artists like you to design a program that delivers a year of top-notch, artist-specific accounting knowledge at a fraction of the price of hourly accounting. And it even includes getting your taxes done.

My Creative Freelancer Money Mastery Bootcamp is that program. 

The Creative Freelancer Money Habits Bootcamp

  • January-December (full year)

  • full-service tax preparation

  • one-on-one coaching

  • webinars

  • $950 paid in full, or $200 deposit plus $85/month for 11 months

Part coaching, part online learning, you get custom guidance on improving your books and records from an accountant who is also an artist like you, but with tons of insight about the financial side of the creative world, and what the IRS is looking for.

The Creative Freelancer Money Habits Bootcamp teaches you basic financial and tax skills using information from your own tax return. It’s a guided, self-motivated path to fixing your tax and financial life, designed to give maximum education and empowerment at minimum price. It includes preparation of your personal income tax return.


You Get:

+ Your individual tax return preparation, by an artist tax expert

+ 30 minute individual books + records evaluation and guidance

+ Five webinars on targeted, artist-specific areas, each with Q+A, homework, and checklists to get you going:

  • February: Artist Deductions Deep Dive: What, How, When, Why.

  • March: Bullet-proof Your Arts Business: Artist Audits, Hobby/Loss and the IRS

  • May: Bookkeeping Part 1: QuickBooks Tutorial

  • June: Bookkeeping Part 2: Your Bookkeeping Questions

  • September: Tax Shelter 101: How to Save Like a Millionaire.

+ Self-guided bookkeeping setup included, plus bookkeeping software for additional fee

+ Premium mileage tracking app

+ Full access to video library and artist article archive


The moment I started

my new business I started to dread tax season. I had little understanding about self-employment tax and had no idea who I should turn to. I am beyond grateful that I found Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax. Her services are fast, organized and super painless. I consider myself more of an artist than a business person and with Hannah’s niche understanding of the arts and of creative businesses I totally felt at ease working with her. I walked away from this tax season with a better understanding of my business because she made the process a learning experience. She guided me through the steps of filing and made sure that I understood every aspect of what we were doing. She took the time to speak to me over the phone to go over areas that I didn’t understand and introduced new practices to insure more success for my growing business. I really can’t rave about Hannah’s services enough, I have already recommended her to friends.

— Emma Marty, designer/jeweler, Washington DC


Space is limited. To Secure Your Spot:


Hi, I’m Hannah.

I’ve been a working artist for over 15 years. And everything good that has happened in my art career has come from my fellow artists. I started Sunlight Tax to give back to the creative community that has nurtured me. When artists stop making work, the reason is usually financial. In this era of mistrust and breakdown, artists have work to do - we’re the ones who create connections, bridge divides, inspire people and call them to action, and we help people envision a world as it could be. So when I’m able to give other creative people the money tools they need to be financially stable, I’m supporting this critical work. I’m here to say that the world needs you right now. But also: You need a retirement fund. My mission is to give you the financial security tools you need to take big risks and kick ass.

I’m an Enrolled Agent, a tax expert, a speaker, and a writer. And of course, an artist.


I’m a tax and money columnist for Hyperallergic, and formerly for Art F City. And these are some of the arts organizations that have hosted me:


The Creative Freelancer Money Habits Bootcamp

is an investment in your long term financial stability. The cost is spread over the full year to help your cash flow, and yes, it is deductible on your freelance taxes.


$200 initial deposit, and then $85 per month (recurring) for 11 months, billed February 1, 2019 - December 1, 2019. Or $950 paid in full.


Space is limited. To Secure Your Spot: