A tax expert who gets what you do.

 Whether she's giving a workshop to your arts group, or preparing your personal income tax return, Hannah understands your passion and explains your tax options in plain English. She delivers engaging tax education that is art-world savvy and empowering. She's not just a numbers person, she's an artist, too.  

For creative freelancers who need to do their taxes: I had AFC columnist and accountant Hannah Cole prepare mine this year, and in the 20 years I have been filing taxes I’ve never had a better accountant. Why? Because she takes the time to ask the kind of questions that will save you money. And then she tells you how much money you saved! It feels great, (which honestly, is a bit bewildering because TAXES).

Anyway, I recommend her. You know what to do.
— Paddy Johnson, Executive Director of Art F City