So I think I'd like Sunlight Tax to Do my Taxes. What Do I Need to Do?

Fill out this form, which tells us about your tax needs, and what your particular tax concerns may be. We'll be in touch about whether we're a good fit, and what to do next. We may chat on the phone at this point, or not - it depends on what you need. We'll send you our tax organizer and engagement letter. Our tax organizer will let you know exactly what we need from you. We start all tax work once 100% of that is sent to us, and you have sent us your signed engagement letter. We will tell you once we've received it all. After we've had some time to work on your taxes, we will email you one consolidated list of any outstanding questions or tax decisions you need to make. We make sure you're clear on your tax options. When you answer all of those questions and make any decisions that you need to, we send you an electronic copy of your tax return for you to look over, as well as a document that details answers to all of your outstanding questions. When you agree that your return is accurate, you and your spouse sign it, we sign it, and then we e-file it. We bill you, and ask you to fill out a short survey. We accept credit cards. If you wait until after March 15 to send us your materials, we reserve the right to do your taxes on extension (this is ok!). We offer a February discount.

Thank you so much for all of your help. I’ve been worrying about this since I started my business, and you made it super easy, organized and stress free.
— Emma Marty, designer/jeweler, Washington DC

About Our Process

I'm an artist, and an IRS-designated Enrolled Agent. So you've already figured out that I am not your dad's accountant. 

Here's how we work:

  • We work 100% virtually. We love our client relationships, and give personal attention, tailored especially for artists, freelancers and creative businesses.
  • We communicate with you mostly through email, with a few exceptions:
    • We like to get to know you. Some people are so comfortable with email, that's all they want to use, and that's fine, too. But we love jumping on the phone to hear about your particular tax concerns, and to learn about you as a person. And if we have a tax decision to make together, we'll often do that on the phone as well. We like to make sure you understand your options, and feel comfortable with your choice.
    • We use secure file-sharing and best practices for internet security. We will never email you sensitive information (and this should be mutual).
  • We can file taxes for all 50 states. Although we especially love Massachusetts, New York, DC and North Carolina. We are an authorized e-file provider, and we use electronic signature technology.
  • As professional artists, we are good at time management. We like to have an in-depth communication at the beginning, and one at the end, and we keep the distracting back-and-forth in the middle to an absolute minimum. We hope this streamlined process gives you more time to work on your own projects.
Hannah was wonderfully straightforward and calm - clearly committed to both her professional tax work and breaking down intimidating financial details of tax codes and business reporting for artists.
— Laura, Boston-area artist