We charge a flat rate for taxes, and it depends on how complex they are.

An individual return ranges from about $450-$900, with a majority falling near the lower end. Factors that increase the complexity of a return include:

  • are you married?

  • do you itemize your deductions?

  • do you get a W-2 (employee income) or 1099s (independent contractor)?

  • do you file a Schedule C for a Sole Proprietorship?

  • did you have a gap in your health care coverage, or do you get coverage on the Federal or State Marketplace?

  • do you have a lot of stock trades?

  • do you have rental income, or AirBnB?

  • do you rent or own?

  • did you earn income in more than one state?

  • are your numbers organized, or are we going back and forth a lot over missing stuff?

  • is it before March 20?

  • are you a kabillionaire?

Business returns (other than the Schedule C kind) range from about $900-$1500.

The moment I started my new business I started to dread tax season. I had little understanding about self-employment tax and had no idea who I should turn to. I am beyond grateful that I found Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax. Her services are fast, organized and super painless. I consider myself more of an artist than a business person and with Hannah’s niche understanding of the arts and of creative businesses I totally felt at ease working with her. I walked away from this tax season with a better understanding of my business because she made the process a learning experience. She guided me through the steps of filing and made sure that I understood every aspect of what we were doing. She took the time to speak to me over the phone to go over areas that I didn’t understand and introduced new practices to insure more success for my growing business. I really can’t rave about Hannah’s services enough, I have already recommended her to friends!
— Emma Marty, designer/jeweler, Washington DC